Quick Tip 11: Be In The Flow Now

When you hold on to anger you remain stuck in complaints

When you hold onto resentments you remain stuck in bitterness

When you hold on to money you remain stuck in scarcity

When you hold on to your time and don’t give of it, you remain stuck in loneliness

When you hold onto past hurts you remain stuck in pain

When you hold onto youth you remain stuck in illusion

When you hold onto tears you remain stuck in grief

Holding on erodes your energy body and destroys you

The universe operates on the principle of flow

Every particle of existence is constantly flowing

Flow renews

Flow re-energises

Flow reconstructs

Flow manifests

Flow heals

It’s time to be in the flow now

 It’s time to give up anger, resentments and hurt

It’s time to share yourself and your money with others

It’s time to embrace your chronology and your age

Its time to dissolve pain and let the tears flow

It’s time to rediscover spirit and bask in its glow

What are you holding onto? What do you need to release into the flow of life? Giving up what will bring back the glow of your true spirit?


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