Quick Tip 18: Protection Before Surgery

Whenever anybody undergoes surgery, the incision made upon the physical body by the surgeon causes the other subtle bodies, unseen to the human eye but surrounding the physical body like an invisible compact egg, to be cut open simultaneously. This opens up our Auric field making us vulnerable to intrusion by other energies, much like sleeping at night with the doors of our house wide open.

Additionally, the administration of anaesthesia also anesthetises our awareness dulling our consciousness so that we no longer have the active awareness to reject the entry of any unwanted visitors into our subtle bodies.

The combination of both the anaesthesia and the surgical incision can often create many a problems caused by intruding foreign energies that may enter during the procedure or even later during the recuperation phase, precipitating other troublesome symptoms, in addition to the post surgical issues.

These effects can sometimes startle even the medical fraternity and may cause uneasy and disturbing symptoms. In one well quoted case, a lady who had been vegetarian all her life, woke up from anasthesia craving for chicken nuggets and beer.

This trouble can be avoided simply by doing the Protection Shield three times before going into surgery and then repeating it every twelve hours for the period of your stay in the hospital. If you are unable to do this yourself post the surgery, you can request a loved one to do it on your behalf.

Our subtle bodies provide strong energetic protection to the physical body and this protection must be maintained at all times for the very same reasons why you must lock the doors to your home safely and securely particularly when you are travelling or missing from home. For the Protection Shield please refer to Quick Tip 11



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