Quick Tip 21: Tree Of Love

The magnificent tree stood three stories tall, majestic in its form and foliage. It had weathered many storms and seen many seasons pass. So many had walked past it and some had stopped to rest in its shade. While people in its vicinity had come and gone, the tree had stood its ground. Winds of change swept through its leaves rustling them, but never disturbing.

Until that sun drenched morning when it heard, that it had become a burden. The wall it grew along had grown weary of its weight and its long strong roots had grown too deep for comfort. It now leaned against the wall, resting its seasoned bark against the newly constructed but weak wall that threatened to collapse under its weight. What had once stood as a symbol of comfort and well being, showering its merciful shade on hot sunny afternoons, was now being deemed a heaving burden by this new wall.

The tree must go, it heard the residents talk. If we don’t remove it, the wall will fall.

And so to rescue the meek wall the mighty tree was to fall. For days two men climbed its peak and cut the branches one by one and not even  once did the tree speak. Ropes were tied and it was torn apart as it silently suffered the onslaught. When they had humbled its size and weight, they left the stub in the ground assuming they had broken it spirit.

Months passed and the seasons changed. The clouds shuddered and came upon it as rain and the old forgotten tree, true to its nature of giving, sprouted fresh young leaves once again.

But the residents were irked at its bold attempt at revival. It will grow back and break the wall again, they complained yet again. Burn it! They concluded.

And so the next morning acid was poured into its center and upon its roots. Putrid fumes of hydrochloric acid singed its heart as bottles full were emptied into it. This time it was done for good, thought the residents.

Sure enough this time the pain was deep and it took the tree a long time to overcome it. But two summers later, the first few showers renewed its spirit and washed away the pain. Once again it found the courage to sprout new leaves hoping that they might recognize and understand the language of his love, that his endurance might not be in vain.

But it was not meant to be. For this time, the residents simply decided to do away with him once and for all, and uprooted him. Thus vanquishing the symbol of that endless love that renewed itself in the very first shower.

Our relationships are like that mighty tree that have power to bear pain, hurt, insult and abuse and still sprout lush green leaves when showered with love.

1. Examine if any of your relationships feel like a burden on the feeble walls of your narcissistic way of life

2. Become aware of the pain you might be inflicting upon others in those relationships

3. Choose whether you wish to nurture them back to glory once again and if so, shower your care and love upon them

4. If not, uproot them once and for all, so that they do not keep keep feeling the pain of trying to blossom in your garden of vain


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