Quick Tip 24: How To Overcome Your Lacks

If you are feeling a lack of something in your life,

examine if you have unknowingly blocked its flow. The basis of all things in this universe is energy and being in motion is its primary characteristic. When you hoard this energy in any form, you prevent its free flow into your life.

Just as water flowing through a blocked pipe

at high pressure will find any another opening to keep in the flow, so also when you block a particular energy in your life by hoarding it or holding back its onward supply, the energy of that thing flows away from you and you stop receiving it.

If you feel you don’t have enough money,

see if you have been too stingy regardless of how little you might have. Money is energy and it must keep in circulation. If you feel unloved, examine if you have unknowingly been too inexpressive about loving others. If you feel misunderstood, think of the last time you empathized with another person’s story and gave them a patient listening. If you feel no one ever praises you, examine if you have been generous in complimenting with honesty the people in your life.

Whatever energy you lack, invest that very energy

back into the world and you will unblock its flow into your life. You will then begin to receive it freely. Always remember the only thing that ever limits your supply is your own way of being and behaving. And you alone have the power to change that.



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