Quick Tip 6: Be in the Stillness

Amidst the chaos of your demanding day find 2 minutes to be still and connect back to your core. It will harmonise your body and mind, ease your stress, calm your nerves and let inspiration and creativity flow through you again.

1. Sit comfortably in a chair, close your eyes and relax the muscles of your neck, shoulders, stomach and feet.

2. Allow your breath to slow down. Simply intending it will make it happen.

3. Ask your heart to beat softly so no one can hear it.

4. Tell the blood cursing through your veins to flow gently so your soul can sail on its peace.

5. Bring your attention to rest at the Hara point, 2 inches above your navel. In that silence listen to the whole cosmos surrounding you and become one with it.

Enjoy the feeling for as long as you wish and then emerge from your reverie and continue with what you were doing.


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