Is your Love Hurting your Child?

Having screamed at her teenage daughter for committing the same mistake over and over again, the mother wept silently in her bed and prayed

Oh Lord,

Let not my fears, limit my child’s explorations

Let not my anxiety, defeat the compassion of the divine mother

Let not my love, injure my child in any way

Let not my infirmities, cause her the slightest discomfort

Let not my protection, stifle her

Let not my assistance, make her dependant

Let not my concern, confine her expansion

Let not my mistakes, indebt her ever

Let not my humanness, obscure my higher vision

Give me strength, to see her pain

Give me insight, to know her truth

Give me vision, to see her lesson

Give me compassion, to love as you do

How often do you find yourself being overly protective about your child? How often do you limit their risk taking abilities? How frequently do you find yourself saying NO to them? How many times does your love confine their freedom?



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