Quick Tip 9:Can You Hear God Whisper

A man set out to his destination and just as he had embarked on the journey, he found himself stuck in a severe traffic jam. For next two hours his car moved bumper to bumper. As he covered the distance inch by inch, he found himself losing his patience, his temper, his equanimity, his composure and even his willingness and desire to reach his destination.

At the weakest juncture when he was actually seeking a way to turn back he complained out loud, Oh God! What should I do now, it appears as though I’m not meant to be here?

And a voice answered, keep moving, you will reach your destination.

A little later he questioned again, is it God’s will that I am not moving ahead?

And he heard a faint voice say, it is by his will that you are on this journey.

Half an hour later and having moved only 500 meters ahead he thought, this is not happening, perhaps it’s not meant to be.

And once again he heard the voice say, just keep moving…do not lose hope.

On finally arriving at his destination he walked into the prayer meeting and heard the speaker address the gathering.

See each event in your life as a message from the universe, even the most mundane event like driving to your destination. The spiritual path is not an ordinary journey. It takes discipline, commitment, perseverance, faith and surrender.

There will be times you will wonder whether you have what it takes to keep on that path, but know that you would never have been on it if you lacked the determination.

Other times you will wonder if the divine support is missing. Those will be the times when you are tested and your faith will carry you through.

And many a times you may be tempted to simply give up and the Lord will swoop down and hold your hand and reaffirm his support.

But how will we know that we have his support? Someone asked.

You will know when you hear the Lord whisper in your ear.

And the man who had almost turned back from his destination broke down and cried. For he had heard God whisper and make himself known that day.

Silence your mind and seek to comprehend Gods message through the whispers of your everyday life.Can you unravel the mystery of what he is telling you today?


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  1. princegera says:

    how beautifully i can relate it only i know.

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