Quick Tip 7: Recipe For a Happy Life

Our life is like a receptacle.

It can hold only so much each day. The volume is dictated by physical time. You can fill it with thoughts, emotions and activities which make you unhappy or choose those that you love and enjoy. Most people keep saying, oh! When this problem is sorted out or that issue settled I will find time, clarity and commitment to do what I yearn to. Sadly that time never comes and eventually you run out of time. Why?

Because the thoughts and emotions of human life never sort themselves out.

They operate on the principle of displacement. Whatever gets your attention fills your mind, space and time and the rest gets displaced. So examine what you are giving attention to. What are you putting on top of your list? Duties, errands, agendas, forced social engagements, pain, unhappiness, unsavoury thoughts about yourself and others, hopelessness, despair…what?

The only way you can ease out the unwanted from your life,

is by filling it with what you want. Like the jar filled to the brim with water. If you wish to add anything else you must either know how to empty it out (which is a difficult task requiring intense training and self discipline) or you simply add to it what you want and it will spontaneously and naturally displace the unwanted quantity of water.



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