Quick Tip1: The Unseen Blessings in Your Life

A young girl going through

a trying time in her life lamented, “My life sucks, nothing about it is right.”

In the silence that followed she heard a voice.

Does your family love and care for you?  Yes, she answered

Do you get your daily bread? Yes, she replied

Do you have a strong and healthy body? Yes, she said softly

Do you have an education so you can fend for yourself in the future? Yes I do, she added

Do you have someone you can turn to in troubled times and know that they will stand in for you? Sure, she replied, sounding upbeat

Do you have a comfortable bed to sleep in at night? Off course! she exclaimed

Do you have faith in me and know that no matter what, I love you and am watching over you? Yes, she admitted slowly

Do you still believe your life sucks and nothing about it is right? And then there was silence.

Start a Blessings Journal today and

write at least five things you are grateful for in your life. With each day that you focus your awareness on gratitude, you will attract more and more things to be grateful for, because what you give your attention to will begin to grow.




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