Quick Tip 3: Technique to Cancel Negative Thoughts

How often have you caught yourself

worrying about something?  Let’s say you want a business deal to go through. You are likely to keep worrying about the deal not going through. Or, if you are hoping for money in your bank, you might worry about not having money in the bank. 

Worrying or even anxious negative thinking

has enormous potential energy which unleashes a powerful command to the universe to fulfill your expectation.This results in the worry being manifested rather than what you really want. Since the emotion of fear is way more powerful than your conscious desire, it manifests much faster.

If you want to be the master of manifestations

in your life, you must practice becoming aware of and controlling your unconscious negative thoughts. It is human nature to harbor negative thoughts and it is estimated that an average of  70,000 negative thoughts cross your mind daily. By using this technique you can cancel a negative command and stop it from manifesting.

So each time you find yourself worrying

or being fearful about something, use the switch technique given below to immediately reverse the signals you send out into the universe.

1. Become aware of your thought e.g. I am going to miss my train.

2. Repeat the word cancel, cancel, cancel three times out loud and visualize a big red cross mark over that scene or thought.

3. Now switch your mental command by affirming the exact opposite of the negative thought or concern e.g. I will board the train well in time.

4. Intensify this thought and see it vibrating out into the universe. (You could imagine it vibrating out through a loudspeaker to enhance its intensity).

5. If you are still feeling anxious keep repeating the positive command like a chant till you feel calm



  1. Dana says:

    The power of positive affirmations… Beautiful… Thank you…

    • Naveena says:

      Thank You for this technique.
      Love & Light

      • suzysingh says:

        You are most welcome Naveena dear. particularly at this time of the shift remaining positive is of the utmost imporatance.

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