QuickTip 25:Healing Digestive Disorders

If you are suffering from acidity, reflux (GERD), gastritis, IBS,

or other stomach related discomforts drinking solarised water can bring you great relief.

1.To prepare solarised water fill a few glass bottles with drink worthy water and seal the tops with any natural fibre like a piece of cloth. I use cloth coasters kept in place with rubber bands or on rushed mornings I just place the bottle caps on the coasters (though this is not the ideal way).

2. Prepare enough bottles for a full days supply, ideally about 3 litres.

3. Now place these bottles in the sunlight for a minimum of 6 hours. Make sure the bottles are made of glass and not plastic. If you have a window or a ledge that receives a good amount of direct sunlight you can simply leave them there as I do.

4. You can also paint on affirmations or loving words to incorporate blessings and healing vibrations into the water. This can be done by using glass paints or even nail enamel as I have done on occasions when I have run out of glass paints.

5. Simply write on the bottles and then place them in a microwave oven for 3 minutes on full power to permanently imprint these messages. Those of you who are familiar with Dr. Masaru Emotos works on water crystals will know that this makes a big difference to the quality of water. My bottles have words like peace, love, joy, Light, blessings etc written in silver blue nail enamel on the bottles. On the others are painted angels to include all chakra colors.

6. Do not leave the bottles out in the night exposed to the moon as that has a completely different effect and is not recommended for digestive disorders.

7. Remove the bottles from the sunlight after 6 hours and they are ready for you to consume. You will notice a discernible silky mouth feel when to drink this water as compared to normal water.

8. Sip the water slowly throughout the day and you are likely to find relief from your discomfort.



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