08. Death Wish

Amrita had called from Mumbai requesting

for remote Healing for her deteriorating health. She was 77 years old and had recently returned home after being hospitalized for some time. Her key issues were that she had lost body balance and felt a complete lack of energy and wanted to regain strength in these two areas.

She was given a fixed time at which she would

receive distance Reiki Healing every night. She was to lie in bed with her spine straight and without crossing her arms or legs during this time.

On the first day while sending her remote healing,

her whole body scan revealed that she had multiple vertebrae weaknesses and that her cerebro-spinal fluid desperately needed re-balancing. It was evident that she was in acute discomfort. The healing spirits worked arduously to assist and reorder the changes in her body chemistry and cellular structure to make healing possible. Several healing commands were given by the masters while I was in trance and I saw the angels perform the healing work.

More work was done on Amrita the next night.

On the third night, as I commenced remote healing something strange happened. I saw multiple lights moving around Amrita’s aura but there was a complete void within her body. For the entire period of healing that followed, I sensed neither her pulse nor her prana. My hands were cold as a corpse and the stillness was disturbing. Never before had I sensed this during my remote sessions.

I called Amrita the next morning

and was relieved to hear the sound of her voice. She mentioned that she had been following my instructions, religiously going to bed and lying straight every night at 11 pm. She said that just that morning; she had walked to the kitchen for the very first time in days, without wobbling or losing her body balance and could notice improvements.

She also mentioned that she had never been

able to lie straight in bed, but for the past three days she would just lie quietly and before she knew it, she would be asleep. “I don’t know what you do dear child but I fall asleep so peacefully”, she said.

It was then that I asked her what she was so sad

about the previous night. Her voice cracked as she started to explain how terribly lonely old age was without a life partner. Even though she had loving and caring children they were caught up with the business of life.

“Were you so sad and depressed that you wanted to

give up your prana and not live anymore”, I asked her. How did you know that I was feeling this way last night, she asked. She also explained that her desire to die was so acute that she had called the grand children into her room and begged them to pray to God to take her away.

I shared her pain and grief, and through

counselling, guided her to connect with her personal God during such times of loneliness and depression. In those last minutes when you are called upon to undertake the most important journey of your life, this relationship you develop with your personal God will light your path and make your transition easy and peaceful, I explained to her.

I put the phone down and marveled at the miracle

of life and the play of consciousness. Amrita had literally pulled the life force (prana) out of her body, by merely thinking hard about not wanting to live anymore. The dancing lights that I saw around her, was her draining life force. They signified her desire to no longer be in the body.

It was the most compelling experience in understanding

how powerfully our thoughts affect our life currents. How by the sheer power of intent, we can bring ourselves to the brink of death as Amrita did. For just a few months later she left her body and moved on in the journey of her soul. Question is, did she know she was going to leave her body or did she invite death because of her will to not live anymore? Was it her thoughts that affected her destiny or did her destiny reveal itself through her thoughts?

Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality



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