Sai explains How to Eliminate Worry

Often I hear Baba’s guidance in meditation, deep sleep or in the few moments before consciousness returns (on waking up), and fills the mind with gross realities. I share his guidance here on how to find freedom from perpetual worries, so it may benefit all.

Me: Baba, why does the mind worry about outcomes?
Sai: Because faith is still weak.

Me: Help me understand that better Baba.
Sai: If faith was strong, you would be certain that the outcome of your efforts is being safely navigated by me. You would trust that I shall take care of you, just as a parent takes care of his child, regardless of what happens in your perception. Then there would be no need to worry. It’s when you think Baba may forget, or he may not love me enough to take good care of me, that you feel you must take matters in your hands and then you begin to worry.


Me: So how may one strengthen their faith?
Sai: Put in your best efforts, and hand them over to me. Then rest your mind, still it by reading the Satcharita daily so you may build faith.

Me: How will reading it build faith?
Sai: When you read about instances when I have served my beloved children, you will learn to trust me more deeply. You will know that I listen to the call of each one of you. Then slowly, your confidence in me to love and serve you shall grow, and your faith will deepen.

Me: How beautifully you have explained it Baba. I now understand why you say that faith and trust are two sides of the same coin.

Artwork painted by Man Mohan Chaudhri


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