Sai explains How to find Happiness in Relationships

Me: Sai, how should we love others so we can experience sweetness in our relationships?

Sai: If you pluck a fruit when it is still raw, will it be sweet? You must wait patiently for the fruit to become ripe to experience its sweetness.

Me: Help me understand that please.

Sai: The unaware man is like the unripe fruit. He is still firmly bound to the tree of karma. He needs nourishment from the elements of life to help him mature. Anyone partaking of this young fruit will taste its rawness and might even find it bitter. Only when the fruit is ready to fall off the tree of karma, does it become sweet. When you meet such a spiritually mature person, you experience happiness and joy.

weeping willow Bhutan

Me: Wow, that is such a simple but amazing metaphor Baba. But does this mean that until we mature spiritually, we have no choice except to experience pain in our relationships?

Sai: That is how you grow, isn’t it?

Me: Well yes, but it seems disappointing.

Sai: Your hunger for happiness shall help you grow. Your experience shall inform you what you lack. And your spiritual efforts shall determine how soon you get there. But patience is necessary through this process. A fruit does not become ripe in one day. I tell you this so your expectations can be real, not to disappoint you.

Me: Now your words comfort me Baba for I understand why you always emphasize shraddha (Faith) and Saburi (Patience). We must patiently work on ourselves to become the sweet fruit so others can experience our love. And while we are working through our entangled karma’s, faith must anchor our efforts so divine grace can descend upon us. We are truly blessed to have your guidance.
Om Sai Ram


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