Can I Embrace Both Sex And Spirituality?

My husband and I are no longer sharing the same bed. I have had strong religious and spiritual connects in my life for a few years, he doesn’t share the same belief system. What do you recommend I do to turn him, so to speak?

Many thanks

Dear M

1. I can completely relate with your situation and confusion. It can be rather challenging to balance ones earthly responsibilities with the spiritual yearnings and highs, even more so if your spouse does not understand or share the spiritual yearnings that you feel.

 2. Spirituality cannot be forced, it comes as a ripening of awareness when one is fed up of worldly pleasures and no longer finds joy in them. Just as a bud cannot be forced to bloom and flowers through the cosmic design so also it is impossible to pull someone onto the divine path and it must be allowed to flower in its own time.

3. However, as you continue your spiritual practice, you set up a powerful vibratory field of higher vibrations in your environment and those living within it, either enter the field eventually or move away from it. Give your spouse the time and the loving energy to choose this path. It must be of his choosing because we are on a planet of free will and even spirituality must not be forced.

4. There are a few things that i would also urge you to examine. It is a commonly held misconception that celibacy is important for spiritual practice and progress.

5. Very often deep seated negative beliefs or non acceptance of the ones gender at a deep subconscious level results in lack of interest. Many deal with this issue by deflecting this energy towards the divine but unfortunately this only causes the Swadisthana chakra to block up. It is hard to progress spiritually if the chakras are blocked. The remedy lies in healing the beliefs and harmonizing the chakra.

6. Also know that karma has brought you and your spouse together into a partnership in this life. There could be consequences of choosing to neglect your responsibilities as a wife.

7. There are ways in which union can become sacred and turned towards divine.

8. It could also be possible that your real underlying issue could have something to do with either feeling unloved or you may have had a difficult relationship with your father.

9. If you wish to explore this in greater detail please set up an appointment with me by calling 9810246158. I do counselling sessions over phone, skype and at my Delhi clinic.

10. Hope this is of some help. This is not an easy conflict but with deep insight about the cosmic realities and spiritual truths it can be resolved. Be at peace dear.




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