Shiv vani

Sometimes the voice of Shiva

is muted

Sometimes the dance of destruction

can’t be seen

Did you see the shattering of her heart?

Could you hear her silent screams?

Or did you notice

Only her incessant tantrums

And unstopping complaints?

Do you know that what you muffled

Was her attempt to rise from the phoenix

And be worthy again?

Oh Shivani !

I wish they could see more deeply

I wish they could see your pain


Often when we encounter someone who is very angry or aggresive, resistant or defensive, we instantly resort to judging their behavior as bad or unacceptable within the definition of predetermined social paradigms. However if we look a little more deeply, with objectivity and non-judgement we are likely to find a terrified and fearful soul seeking understanding, comfort and acceptance despite their infirmities. We have all at one time or another felt vulnerable and insufficient. Can we recall our experience and be more compassionate in our observation the next time we encounter someone who appears to be mis-behaving?



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