So nobody realised what went wrong?

Some did. Very few. They were just a handful. They left their bodies of their own will. They waited till the very end hoping against hope that perhaps the balance would tilt. But when the time grew closeandtherealizedthe battle had been lost, they threw off their garments and in a single breath they departed from your plane.

It sounds so sad. So close, and yet so far. It seems that they could have almost made it.

Yes that is what we had hoped for too. But it was not to be. And we do not lament that, though we did feel disappointed then. Finally, humanity must pass that final collective test. If they don’t, it’s not as though they have failed. It’s just that they still had more work to do. They still had to refine their vibrations further and we and the heavens have all the patience your world cannot even begin to dream about. So it was fine.


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