10. Bereavement & Soul Healing

A few months after the death of his wife,

Keshav, a young energetic man in his mid thirties came to see me . Everything had happened so suddenly and unexpectedly that it seemed almost unreal to him. She had woken up feeling a little under the weather one morning and asked him to fix her a cup of tea. Shortly after, she had gone to the toilet where she suffered a massive heart attack and died instantly.

It had been six months since this event

and when he came to see me, Keshav’s key concern was whether his wife had moved into the Light or not. He worried that she may be stuck in the middle world and wanted to do whatever he could to help her find peace on the other side.

At the first session I helped Keshav sort out

all his happy and unhappy memories of their married years identifying aspects that could have been the source of upsets and disagreements between them and which could cause her spirit to feel incomplete or unfulfilled. Through an intense cognitive inquiry Keshav was coached to identify specific instances where he had not supported his wife or hampered her happiness and fulfillment  These represented areas where Keshav needed to seek forgiveness from his wife’s soul.

Next he was supported in unearthing and examining areas

of his resentments or complaints towards his wife. These were aspects of her human frailties that he needed to forgive. In order to awaken the expression of compassionate empathy within him, he was counselled about the deeper spiritual implications of the lessons that her faults had served in testing his evolution and how his complaints actually represented areas of lack within him. He was pointed to the recurrent patterns in his life and how he had failed to learn his life lessons or find solutions that could have brought greater peace and calm to them both.

Keshav was taught how to establish communication with the soul

of his wife and practice forgiveness therapy in the first week. He reported powerful results and said he could actually feel her presence almost everywhere. She seemed to be with him at night after he would put the kids to bed and once she even turned his face in the other direction at the Metro station playfully as he stared at another girl. Whenever he called out to her now, he could feel her hand over his, caressing it gently and reassuringly. Though he was happy to experience her presence and love he wanted to know if this would prevent her from moving on.

At the second session we used the Dowsing method

to inquire whether her soul had actually moved into the Light but received a negative response. Clearly there was still work to be done and the anxiety about leaving two young children aged 5 and 7 could well have been another cause for pulling her spirit back. Keshav was then counselled about how he needed to bring the subject of their mother’s death out in the open so that the kids were not secretly grieving for her in their hearts. Together we practiced how he could use the power of parables and storytelling to discuss her death peacefully so that they could accept and voice their apprehensions, fears or beliefs openly. Keshav confirmed later that the kids were really excited when he told them that they could still communicate with her through their dreams and said (for the very first time since her death) that they had dreamt of her several times.

He was also encouraged to watch and report his own dreams which gave powerful clues about his own suppressed fears and anxieties in dealing with his grief and changed life circumstances.

At the last session Keshav announced that he no longer felt

her presence and sensed that she had been making tremendous efforts to move on. Once again we used the dowsing method and found that she had indeed moved into the Light and that the energy of their home had become much more positive since he spoke with the kids. He had some powerful dreams, analyzing which helped him to recognize the deeper issues that were afflicting his subconscious mind regarding his loss.

As requested by him, Keshav was then put into a Hypnotic trance

and connected to the soul essence of his wife. He went on to have a unique experience which in his words was more powerful than any time in their ten years together. She is giving me a very tight hug and she is very peaceful. Yes she has moved into the Light. I can hear her heart beat. She is smiling at me. I can see her smiling face clearly.

While in the session he kept saying, don’t lift my leg.

Funnily enough I was nowhere near his leg and when he came into present moment awareness I asked him to recall a time when his wife may have lifted his leg like that. Suddenly he exclaimed; you know what, sometimes when we would be driving in the car together and she was in a happy mood she would tease me and lift my left leg like that. On asking which leg he felt was being lifted today, he said the left one with a big smile on his face as he understood that it was his wife’s soul who had been teasing him in a joyful gesture.

Keshav concluded that session fully reassured that his wife had indeed moved into the Light. He felt extremely happy and fulfilled about supporting her through the two week long forgiveness and completion practice that he had followed. As he left he said, I can’t understand why I am feeling so happy and light right now but I haven’t felt this way in a very long time.

I thanked his wife’s soul for communicating with us and awakening the sense of joy in his heart once again.



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