05. Spirit Communication

Sweet Heart1 Late one evening I received a text message

from someone recently acquainted with me, informing that his two year old daughter had been admitted into the hospital and if I could please pray for her. The child had been running fever on and off  for the last few months and had just been diagnosed with Dengue.

 Tests had revealed that the earlier fever

was caused by a pseudomonas infection and the two deadly viruses were playing havoc with the child’s little body. She was in the ICU and things were not looking too promising when this message  was received.

I immediately called the father and asked him

to go into the ICU and whisper into his ailing daughter, Anushka’s ear that I would be sending her Distance Reiki Healing from 11 to 11.30 pm. Later that night when I sat in meditation and commenced sending her distance healing, images of her past and present life flashed before my mind’s eye.

I saw a lady belonging to the upper echelons

of society, well dressed and intensely social but one who was deeply afflicted by uncontrollable anger. Though surrounded by luxury she had led an unfulfilled life. She had not been able to let go of the rage in that past life and had carried imprints of it in her soul mind to this present life.

However her soul had chosen to experience

love and serenity in her present incarnation. Perhaps having lived a hard last life, she might have chosen life experiences that could help her heal and work through some of the past karmas in a gentler and easier way.

I then saw images of a young restless infant.

The residue of the all the anger that she had carried forth was reflected in this uneasiness. It appeared that she was battling with some kind of darkness.  The impression I got was that perhaps she had taken on this early life suffering to balance her karmic account. Something in those images reflected that she had to work through the darkness or else she may not be able to accomplish her chosen soul purpose in her present life.

For the next two days I continued to send her

distance healing sometimes twice a day. On the morning of the third day I was once again connected to Anushka’s higher self as I sat in my morning meditation. This time she actually spoke to me and complained of pain on the left side of her body. She said that she was struggling to fight off the darkness but didn’t know what or how to accomplish it. I guided her gently asking her to seek assistance from her masters to enable her to overcome this challenge.

I then asked her if she wanted to be healed

and she smiled and suddenly cheered up and said, “I love my mummy… I want to go home now… I will try and overcome the darkness… By seven this evening I will do a turnaround. ..And I will go home in three days.”

At seven that evening I learnt that Anushka

was worse. The next day things looked even gloomier and by 1.15 pm on the day three Anushka chose to travel back to her divine home. It was then that the realisation dawned about what she had meant. I had in all my humanness thought that she was talking about getting better and going home. Her words slowly began to sink in.

She had said she would turnaround,

and I had interpreted it as getting better but she had gotten worse. What she had meant was that she would turn around and go back to heaven. I had let my desire veil the true meaning of her message.

Two and a half  weeks after she had passed on,

Anushka’s parents came to see me wanting to establish contact with her.  Besides being devastated by the loss they were feeling incomplete because she had been sedated ever since she had been admitted into the hospital and they had not been able to exchange any communication or last words with her.

In one week their whole life had changed.

They desperately wanted to know if Anushka had wanted to say anything to them before she had moved on.

During the initial spiritual counselling Anushka’s

mother revealed that the left side of her face had swollen up on the second day in the hospital. This revalidated the message I had received during the soul communication where Anushka had complained that the left side of her body was hurting.

They also told me that although she was

very attached to her father, it was her mother she had been clinging to since the morning of the hospitalization. I recalled how she had specifically mentioned that she loved her mummy. Perhaps that was a message that she wanted to give her mum. During the discussions it was also unraveled that Anushka had indeed been a very restless child from the very beginning and that she did have a pronounced angry streak.

Anushka’s father agreed to undertake the astral journey

into the realms where she had traveled to. After inducing a very deep hypnotic trance and connecting him to the super consciousness he arrived there.  He saw Anushka dressed in a white silk frock laughing and playing. She appeared to be bathed in happiness and her eyes had the most amazing sparkle he had ever seen. She was surrounded by many of her friends all of whom were calling out to her and seeking her attention. Her father called out to her and begged her to give him an understanding of why she had left so abruptly.

She stopped and turned to him briefly,

and then gave him a flying kiss and called out to him, my daddy… just as she used to. And then she ran off to play with her friends turning back once again to say, “I have not gone anywhere. I am there with all of you. And then slowly she added, “I will be coming back soon.”

Tears rolled down his face as he wept

and cried. So immersed was she in her blissful life there that she didn’t even have enough attention for him. And then still hungry to know more he prayed to the divine masters to explain to him the reason for her going away.  A majestic figure who resembled Jesus appeared by his side and said to him,” You have seen her here… aren’t all your questions answered?”

Although his mind still ached to know more,

something within him was at peace. Insight soothes the aching heart but it doesn’t always take the pain away. I helped him to release some of the anguish and grief that was overflowing from the depths of his heart and he asked for it to be filled with Anushka’s cheerfulness that he had just witnessed.

Anushka’s message that she continues to be

amidst them was allowed to go deep into his subconscious mind. A symbol of her joy was given to him and every time he wanted to feel her presence, all he had to do was to create that symbol and envision it.

Anushka’s mother who was also present in the room

while this session unfolded said that she too had seen Anushka wearing a white frock and smiling. The two of them agreed that from that moment on they would try to keep Anushka’s cheerfulness alive in their lives and would make every effort to smile and be at peace.

A few months later she appeared

in her aunts dream to say that since she was a Devi (goddess) she could not stay on the earth plane for too long. She also said that she had been trying to communicate with her parents but couldn’t get through to them because they were grieving too much.

I pray that wherever Anushka is, she continues to spread joy and love, as she did during her brief visit on this earth plane.



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