Sai explains How to find Happiness in Relationships

Me: Sai, how should we love others so we can experience sweetness in our relationships? Sai: If you pluck a fruit when it is still raw, will it be sweet? You must wait patiently for the fruit to become ripe to experience its sweetness. Me: Help me understand that please. Sai: The unaware man is like the unripe fruit. He is still firmly bound to the tree of karma. He needs nourishment from the elements of life to help him mature. Anyone partaking of this young fruit will taste its rawness and might even find it bitter. Only when the fruit is ready to fall off the tree of karma, does it become...

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9. Karma of Self Acceptance

“Like many who battle confusions about sexuality, I was no different. I pretended to do the normal thing by dating a girl, but I knew it was a lie. Forget the challenge of facing the world, i couldn’t accept my own self. Then I met my mentor and layer by layer she peeled my confusion away. She told me that the day I learnt to accept myself, the universe would unfold it’s grace and I would be at peace.I shared my secret with my best friend, my sister and cousin. Everyone reacted with understanding & love. The layers are still being peeled but I’m no longer...

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8. Karma of Self Reliance

“Get out of my house and beg if you have to, but don’t irritate me and my wife” , shouted her son as his wife stared silently.Tears rolled down her cheeks. She knew she had to make a choice, but what was she do at 67 years of age, that too with an ailing husband? Her only son, though well off, had abandoned her, for reasons she couldn’t understand. Who was right, who was wrong, it would take her a whole lifetime to understand. But her immediate priority was to earn and survive. She also had to arrange for her husband’s ways,tment. What was she to do? She...

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5. Karma of Responsible Choice

Pubs, girls and parties were all he cared about. He hoped they would fill the emptiness in his life and mask the feelings of unworthiness that he so often felt inside. With each passing day his life seemed more and more futile. No one in his family as much as noticed him, and even though the girls came and went, life seemed so meaningless. Not knowing what else to do, he did what he least expected himself to. He booked an appointment with a spiritual mentor that a friend had referred him to. She introduced him to a way of life he had never heard of before. It all seemed so different, but he...

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4. Karma of Courage

Struggle was her middle name. She had strived to be seen and heard even as a child but years later when she was married into a highly educated family, she was often humiliated and criticized. After all she wasn’t highly educated like the rest of her relatives. The constant humiliation did not break her spirit but something else did. One day, a strange twist of fate, did her in. She was poisoned by the maid who stole her gold chain and it was a miracle that she even survived. Unknown to her, she was pregnant with her second child at that time. After nine long months her daughter was...

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