10 Great Insights to Overcome Relationship Woes With Your Girlfriend

From the diary of a young man, a client shares his insights after digesting the information gleaned at a therapy session on healing his insecurities. 1. Discover your control dramas & give them up. I had always looked at anger as a necessary coping mechanism to be heard in my relationships. But I learnt from this session, that anger was just my way of reacting when I felt threatened. I can be happier if I remain calm. Regardless of how angry or intimidating my girlfriend may sound, I can choose to be calm and still be firm & assert myself. If i keep my center anchored and balanced,...

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Sai explains How to find Happiness in Relationships

Me: Sai, how should we love others so we can experience sweetness in our relationships? Sai: If you pluck a fruit when it is still raw, will it be sweet? You must wait patiently for the fruit to become ripe to experience its sweetness. Me: Help me understand that please. Sai: The unaware man is like the unripe fruit. He is still firmly bound to the tree of karma. He needs nourishment from the elements of life to help him mature. Anyone partaking of this young fruit will taste its rawness and might even find it bitter. Only when the fruit is ready to fall off the tree of karma, does it become...

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