Talaash – exploring other realities?

The film Talaash makes a foray into the daring and bold zone of the afterlife and its relationship with the ordinary, I believe only what i see and know thinking masses. Good to see mainstream cinema exploring the unexplored realms of conciousness.

 The concept of unfulfilled discarnate spirits hovering in the grey zone waiting to finish their business before they are willing to move on is well expressed. Their attraction to the brooding and miserable lot who are unable to let go of their grief is also very appropriate.

Factually head on with one tiny yet glaring misrepresentation not expected of an Aamir Khan production. Automatic writing and spirit communication is not scary and disturbing as it is shown. Rather it is a peaceful and sacred communion.

 It’s time we choose factual reality over cinematic lisence, particularly when the film attempts to reduce the gap between disbelief of the unknown and people’s current perceptions of the afterlife. 

So what is Aamir really searching for in the film? The answer to an unsolved accident or the answer to his adamant disbelief of multiple realities? Or maybe at some level it even seeks to probe whether we really die or if the soul lives on…

If you really want to enjoy the film, put on your maybe its possible caps, throw disbelief into the bin and chew on  the possibility that perhaps the veil between this and the other world is beginning to thin as more and more people begin to experience and see what lies beyond.

It’s a reality I witness often enough…. and yes I did really enjoy the film.


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