What the 2012 shift really means

Channeled Messages from The Ascended Masters

 Beloved Sai Baba of Shirdi and Guru Nanak Dev



The first question that a lot of people have is, “are we going to die?”

The answer to that dear ones is that the only thing that we are hoping will die, is the darkness that you all carry so deeply within you – your pain, anguish, hatred for each other, jealousies, the desire for power and control –all those third dimensional vices that you have suffered for so long and which you no longer need, but are reluctant to let go of because the habit of these have steeped so deep into the experience of your being. It is difficult for you to imagine an existence bereft of these, but that is exactly the direction in which all of you must move now. Each day, try to give up some of your darkness so you can make this shift possible. The success or failure of it depends on each one of you individually now. Don’t be under this misconception that this whole experience is removed from you individually, and is happening someplace else; that others are going to make it happen. No, each one of you will make it happen; if you do. I mean each one of you without exception, as this shift is not possible without participation from the whole. So on a daily basis now start to give up some aspect of darkness. Whichever comes more easily to you. So if you think you can give up greed, give a helpless man the hundred rupees that we tell you to instead of submitting to the other voice that says no hundred is too much, ten is enough, because he will just drink it away or give it to the beggar mafia. Now tell yourself that you have enough and more, and DON’T THINK TOO MUCH. Just willfully, happily, give him those 100 rupees with a prayer in your heart that it may help him or his family in some positive way. And the minute you do that you’ve just made it that much easier for the ascension to happen. It’s the small things that are creating the heavy burden and as you can see each one of you can contribute by giving up something. As to the question of death, it’s only the shedding away of that which you no longer need, and the time has arrived when you no longer need these dark qualities in you. You are now capable of moving to a level where better things lie in store for you. So yes, you will die to the darkness within, and you will ascend to the purer level of feeling a greater oneness and love for all your fellow beings. Your world will be a much nicer, brighter and happier place to live in………. if you make it.

Is this the end of times? Will the earth be destroyed is another concern

No the earth will not be destroyed but it will transition and depending on how you all fare, the nature of the transition will be experienced as a clearer, better, more enriched world. Almost akin to the kind of technology upgrades that you all are so used to in your devices. So to put it in your language, this as an upgrade of the consciousness level of you humans and your planet earth.

Do we need to be fearful?

That is the worst thing you can do to yourselves right now. In fact it is the surest way to abort this upgrade. We can’t emphasize enough, the importance of abstaining from fear at this time UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. Know that the forces that are opposing your growth want exactly THAT. Do not submit to that idea much as it may be tempting for you to do so. Seek clarity, meditate, go within yourselves and see if there is any need for fear and you yourselves will find the answer resonating deep within yourselves. Fear is the polar opposite of love. You are trying so hard to move to the love consciousness and if you surrender to those who want you to become fearful then they will have ensured that the ascension plan is aborted; as it has several times before. And you will be relegated to eons of suffering and pain once again. Is it worth it? Find the courage and the time to seek the right guidance. It is available so clearly within each one of you. Just go within. Do not mindlessly give your power away to those who spread these rumors of panic and doom.

What do we as individuals need to do at this time to help?

First, help yourselves by becoming aware of your thoughts. Each thought, that each one of you thinks, can shift the scale towards victory or defeat because your thoughts carry so much power and energy. So become aware of what you are thinking.

Secondly, once you have become somewhat familiar with the contents of your thoughts, will your mind NOT TO GENERATE OR VISIT DARK, PAINFUL THOUGHTS OR MEMORIES ANY MORE. At first this will appear almost impossible but within a few days you will acquire the skill to control them.

Thirdly, never ever step out of your homes without the protection of prayers. There are forces which you are completely oblivious of, that are waiting to penetrate you and undo all the internal training you are trying to achieve in terms of mind control. So remember, never leave your homes without praying. It doesn’t matter which god or divinity you pray to, just make sure you say your prayers and ask for COMPLETE PROTECTION.

Fourthly, this is not the time to complain, so no matter what your circumstances are, be in acceptance and gracefully complete or go through whatever it is that you are experiencing. It will pass soon if you are able to be in a state of surrender for then we can help you to make it easier and faster

Fifth, you have to make sure that the tasks that have been assigned to you all are completed. By this we mean the karmic baggage that each of you is still carrying and need to offload. So whatever is appearing as magnified difficulty in your life DO NOT POSTPONE ADDRESSING IT and do not BRUSH IT UNDER THE CARPET. Take it on. Complete it gracefully without allowing dark emotions from clouding your mind.

Sixth, some of you may feel acute pains- body pains; just endure them. Your bodies are being prepared to receive the higher frequencies of the new vibratory level that you are moving into. These pains will not be understood by your medical fraternity and they will not be able to help. You will end up with no diagnosis on these pains and it may confuse you. Don’t be confused. It is part of the process. It is essential. We are trying to make it as painless as we possibly can for you. So please be patient and endure it with the knowledge that you are being delivered into a new world. And try to avoid using painkillers for they only make matters worse and they will not relieve your pain. You do not have the technology to alleviate these pains. In a manner of speaking, they are akin to birthing pains.

And last of all, consume lots of water. This is extremely important. Some of you may have already noticed an increase in your water consumption. It aids the process of detoxing your bodies of all the waste that is being generated in the process of redesigning your bodies; so please DRINK MORE WATER.


  1. Become aware of your thoughts
  2. 2.     Avoid brooding over painful and unhappy thoughts
  3. 3.     Avoid stepping out of your homes without the protection of prayer
  4. 4.     Stop complaining about your circumstances, try to be in acceptance
  5. 5.     Take action and heal all your hurts
  6. 6.     Avoid  taking painkillers to alleviate unexplained body pains
  7. 7.     Consume lots of water



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