Chapter 5: The Meaning of Prayer

IMG_0570How should we prepare in an everyday sort of way?

And how will doing these things, help us, you ask.

Well, know this; prayer is not meant to facilitate the fulfillment of your earthly needs as you all have started to assume it’s purpose to be. Prayer is and was always meant to allow you to turn inwards to your true nature. It was meant to help you to remember your genesis. To let you have a brief glimpse, however short, of where you came from and why.

But you misused that opportunity and made that sacred contact an arrangement to trade with your God. Each time you prayed, it was to ask for some earthly requirement that you deemed necessary to be fulfilled. And the universe relented. It allowed you those small pleasures hoping that sooner or later you would remember why your soul had agreed to pray. And then, as time went on, the gap between you and your origin became wider and wider, until now when the trench is so deep that it is almost impossible to fill.

God today is merely your heavenly supplier.

 Your fulfiller of gross needs. You have forgotten why you agreed to make this connection. It’s time to wake up to the real, the authentic reasons, why you in the first instance, in the original contract, had agreed to pray. Revive that memory. Wake up to your true self. Reconnect to the divinity within you for the real reason, for at this time you really need it. If you don’t, you will have wasted so much of the efforts in struggling to get to this goal post. Wake up dear ones and connect to your source.

A lot of you think that even though you don’t barter or trade with God you still feel disconnected while you pray and you ask why is it so. Because dear ones, chanting or reciting from holy books or sitting amidst groups of people who take the holy name IS NOT PRAYER.

Prayer is the dialogue that you have from the deepest part of your being with your personal God. What do we mean by personal god? He is the one that is exclusively yours. The one who is closest to you in a very real sense. The one who has watched over you ever since you came down to this planet. The one who has heard your every whisper and sigh, who has been through every pain and joy of yours, who knows your deepest darkest secrets that you have never spoken of to anyone and sometimes not even acknowledged to yourself. He is your personal God.

The one who loves you even though you have never spared him a single minute in your whole life, the one you have never acknowledged nor ever spoken to. He’s the God who has walked with you through your loneliest nights and most elevated moments. So look for him, talk to him, love him back just as he loves you, become one with him.

Start by having a dialogue with him.

 Introduce yourself and make acquaintances. At first you might feel a little awkward, almost as if you are playing a pretend game like you did when you were children. But don’t worry about that. We urge you, be like the child, let go of your inhibitions and talk to him, play with him, share your joys and sorrows. Build the relationship with him.

He is craving for your love since eternity. And now the time has come where for your own purpose, it is imperative that you learn to love him back. Look around you .He is there at every corner, every crossing, every dead end, every turning, every cross road of your life. Waiting patiently that perhaps, you just might stop and notice him.

 Can you even begin to imagine how hungry he is for your love, and you think God doesn’t answer your prayers?

That he doesn’t respond to your calling? No my child, that is not true. It’s you who has forgotten how to call out to him. So go inwards and let the child within you do the calling. That child, who has no conditioning about what is right or wrong. That child, whose purity is still untainted. That child remembers how to call out to us so let him do the calling and then watch the reunion as the flames meet and the fire grows big and strong. Illuminating everything within and around it, dispelling all the darkness, the shadows and the doubts.

 Then you will feel the essence of who you truly are, then you will recall where you came from and what your purpose on this planet is. So wake up that child within you and ask him to make contact with his masters, his teachers, his guru, his God.

But we don’t know how to connect with the child within us.

Yes we know that. Because the child represents your soul hood. The essence of your God being that you arrived with on this planet. Try calling out to that child each night as you sleep. Ask for it to come to you. Ask for it to bring joy back into your heart and put the smile back on your face. Ask it to stop hiding and come to you.

 Tell your inner child that you will not judge it nor rebuke it. Tell that child that it will be safe in your company and that you only want to play with it and relive your most beautiful moments with it. Tell your child you love its being and you want to be friends with it.

 Be watchful of it. At first it will peek out from its shelter only as a glimpse. Smile back at it. Give it the confidence that it is welcome and that it need not fear you. Slowly as you fill it with your love, it will emerge, and you will hear its cackle in your own laughter. You will see its face smiling through yours and you will feel its laughter ringing in your ears.

 That moment will be the divine reunion of you with your inner self. And only then can the conversation with your Masters begin. So go, look for your inner child. It’s been hiding inside you ever since you rudely shut it away and never again allowed it out. It’s time to for it to emerge.

Yes it’s just beginning to get clear. I don’t remember meeting my inner child in a long, long time.

We are glad that this is making sense to you. So start now and establish those old loving ties again. Your inner child is yearning for that to happen even though you are not aware of it.

These messages about the impending Earth shifts are from The divine Masters Sai Baba of Shirdi and Guru Nanak Dev and have been channeled through Suzy. The text is as originally received and remains largely untouched and unedited.


Photo credit: Esha Singh


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