The meaning of prayer

How should we prepare in an everyday sort of way? And how will doing these things, help us, you ask.

Well, know this; prayer is not meant to facilitate the fulfillment of your earthly needs as you allhavestartedto assume its purpose to be. Prayer is and was always meant to allow you to turn inwards to your true nature. It was meant to help you to remember your genesis. To let you have a brief glimpse, however short, of where you came from and why. But you misused that opportunity and made that sacred contact an arrangement to trade with your God. Each time you prayed, it was to ask for some earthly requirement that you deemed necessary to be fulfilled. And the universe relented. It allowed you those small pleasures hoping that sooner or later you would remember why your soul had agreed to pray. And then, as time went on, the gap between you and your origin became wider and wider, until now when the trench is so deep that it is almost impossible to fill. God today is merely your heavenly supplier. Your fulfiller of gross needs. You have forgotten why you agreedtomakethis


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