Walk today for Mother Earth

The earth has nurtured you and blessed you. It is from her that you have sprung into form and into her that you shall dissolve. Walk upon her with gentle loving footsteps, treat her with good care and return the favour that she brings into your life day after day.

Each time you step out of your homes, dedicate just one single loving thought to her and gently say this prayer.


Oh divine blessed mother of ours

Forgive us for our ingratitude and pain,

For our insensitivities in vain,

We send you healing light,

Knowing we haven’t done you right,


For having caused you so much pain

We do hope that you will gain

 Love beyond the realms of consciousness,

As evidence of our human progress,

 We do hope you will forgive

And together we will savor joy for as long as we live,

Thank you mother for your endless giving,

It’s because of you we are living,

 A day will dawn when all of humanity will learn

Till then, bear with us, for all we can do, is yearn.


Just one thought, just one footstep, just one prayer. Dedicate it to your mother earth today.


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