What is Compassion?

Is Compassion an emotion, a thought or a state of being?

Compassion is a virtue cultivated through lifetimes. It is felt spontaneously as an outpouring of the heart that beats in the knowing of the oneness of all life.

Compassion is born of suffering and triggered through empathy.

When a soul has experienced pain and suffering through multitudes of lives, then on seeing another suffer that remembrance is awakened and through empathetic resonance the pain of the collective is felt by the one.

The experience of having suffered is imprinted

in the memory of the older souls who having been through it and having learnt from this experience empathize with it naturally on seeing another suffer and spontaneously feel the compassion. The young soul has yet to experience this level of suffering and hence cannot as yet develop compassion. It is not an intellectual process but an experiential one.

And yet this is not to say that young souls cannot learn compassion,

for learning and growth depend entirely on each soul’s evolutionary process. If the desire and will to learn and grow is high, even young souls can accelerate fast. However what my journeys’ and interplay with consciousness has taught me, is that most young souls prefer to play rather than to learn through suffering. However it remains each soul’s free will to choose as they will and each alone must discern and discover their path as and when they awaken to it.

Is there is a way out of the interplay of suffering and compassion?

On this earth school all learning is through opposites. You know light by experiencing dark, heat by experiencing cold and love by experiencing fear. So also you know compassion by experiencing pain and suffering. Why must we find a way out? We must embrace the duality in order to sublimate it. We must embrace both pairs of opposites to be in the oneness. So dear one, it is in developing Vairagya or dispassion towards the opposites that the aspirant can reach his purpose of becoming enlightened.


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