What is Dharma?

Every sphere of existence has a natural order, which when followed brings peace and prosperity. This natural order not only defines how all things in their ideal state of purity are to be, but it also points to the repercussions of disturbing this pure state. All modifications, deviations and disruptions to this natural state have consequences, which are usually uncomfortable, and which we humans recognise as suffering.

Water must flow, when we try to contain it, it stagnates or bursts forth with a disruptive force. Flowing water nourishes and nurtures but when the natural order is disturbed, water floods and destroys us.

The natural order, is governed by universal laws that are precise and exacting. These become the golden map that help us find truth. Without these, we become lost in illusions, which seem to become our reality. These laws guide us in ascertaining what is loving behaviour and what is not. As a result, complying with these universal principles awaken us to the truths about existance and finally help us discover that One ultimate truth, that some of us refer to as God.


A mountain stands still, when it moves it destroys. Water moves, when it stops (becomes ice) it no longer nourishes. Birds fly, when they don’t, they die. The universal laws help us understand the natural behaviour of all things. Seasons come and go, time never stops, we exist as prisoners of time, all things in the universe are interdependent, we are connected to each other beyond our imagination, everything that rises must fall, what we send out comes back, the list is endless.

This then is dharma, the nature of all things, the principles that govern them, and the consequences of breaking away from them. If a mountain tries moving, it shall disturb the harmony of the entire environment. In the end, it will no longer be a mountain, for it will have become something else, perhaps a waterbed, or a plain, and then new rules shall apply.

To fully comprehend dharma, we need to discover the following;

1. What is the natural order of all things
2. What are the universal principles that guide life on earth
3. How am i connected to everything else here
4. What is the truth about the condition of my soul
5. And finally, what is the eternal truth that caused me and all other manifestations in this universe.

To know Dharma, is eventually, to experience the ultimate truth.


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