What Is the I Ching?

Many have heard about the Tarot, but

few know about one of the most powerful & oldest oracles in the world called the I Ching or the Book of Changes. This magical text comprising of  64 hexagrams not only reads the cosmic influences affecting you at any given time, it also provides guidance about what is the best thing for you to in the given circumstances.

Its messages are clear and concise and have always provided accurate and apt guidance in the 18 years that I have worked with it.

History & background of the I Ching

The I Ching is an oracle of Chinese origin with astounding and extraordinary proportions. It has been used as a tool of divination for several thousand years and is said to be the oldest book in the world. It took its final shape a few centuries before Christ and has continued to guide millions through its wisdom.

How the I Ching predicts

Through multiple throw of coins,  the cosmic influences affecting the person seeking guidance is measured. This process links the seeker to the entire cosmos and connects him with the deeper realities of his subconscious mind and through the interaction of these forces it reads the present influences.

It draws you into the ‘now’ time

and urges you to pay attention to the path of truth by indicating where you presently are and what it is that you must do in order to acquire a state of calm even in the face of gravest adversity. It is the ultimate Guru; direct, exacting and intuitive yet always leading you into the light.

How  the I Ching works

The I Ching marries philosophy, quantum physics and psychology to present sixty four hexagrams that correspond to the sixty four archetypal situations of human existence. These come together in thousands of variations to identify each individual’s exact and specific configuration at the point in time when a query is made.

Having identified and captured your unique circumstances and influences it proceeds to guide you in a manner that is truly appropriate of an ageless guru with unfathomable wisdom.

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