When Does the Soul Join The Fetus?

Q: When does a soul enter the mother’s womb?I have read it happens sometime after third trimester, soul enters the body of baby / fetus ? Is that true ?

A: Dear S

Each soul chooses its own perfect time

to enter the womb. This is a highly complex decision based on several aspects such as the maturity and age of the soul (depending on where it is in its evolutionary cycle), the kind of earthly body it has chosen in that particular lifetime, the kind of brain frequencies selected in that chosen body etc.

Usually infant souls who are in

a hurry to reincarnate may enter the womb as early as the 4th week itself and old souls may enter fully only in the moments preceding the actual birth.

Such senior souls choose instead to

frequently enter and exit the developing body through the period of gestation, instead of attaching to it completely at the point of first entry.

Also interesting is the fact that such mature souls

leave a part of the soul essence attached to the fetus at the point of initial entry enabling it to perceive all womb impressions even while the rest of its essence (which it has chosen to fill this human body with) may remain outside until the moment of birth.

What is of greater importance to us is

the knowledge that irrespective of the exact moment of the souls entry, the soul essence attached to the fetus enables it to absorb and retain all impressions in the womb even as early as one month.

This is the reason why pregnant women

are advised to be peaceful and prayerful, asked to remain calm and centered and urged to surround themselves with beauty and soothing vibrations.


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