You feel at ease with her when talking about a difficult subject

For the uninitiated, any form of alternative therapy

and in my case it was hypnotic therapy –  can be a mystifying experience  , a process of self-discovery and of acknowledging and touching base with your deepest emotions.

What  strikes you in the very first session with Suzy, is that  she first listens to what it is that you want to achieve and then begins to dig deep to understand the root ( and the route ) of the issues.

Her likable and calming nature

makes you feel at ease even when you are talking about a difficult subject.

Whether you are looking for a logical explanation or an emotional justification, Suzy will use the approach that suits you most. That, to me, is an important ingredient in her healing process and is what made it so effective for me.

 She is, truly, doing Gods work !


Abhishek-  Businessman, New Delhi


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