Why Good Men Must Suffer

Jesus Says

Prepare now for the battle is won.

(Having won the battle with an inner demon, the seeker is being urged to prepare for the renewal of his energy before he undertakes another challenge. Rest must follow the intense activity that fighting the inner demons involves and Jesus is pointing to the period of tranquil stillness and the calm that the warrior must now gather)

Don’t be amazed, nor wonder how and where from this word is uttered.

It is indeed hard to perceive the way of things – your eye fails to capture these workings for they unravel in the subtle realms where unseen battles are fought that you may not comprehend.

(So often the efforts of the spiritual seeker bear fruit in the subtle realm, the implications or impact of which may not be fully comprehended by the aspiring seeker in his conscious state.)

But alight now, your shield you may place down. It is over, for now.

The incumbents of this war have won what was worthy and have taken it upon themselves to yield before the lord.

(Each battle involves the surrender of the lower aspects of human nature and victory over them. On winning the battle the seeker overcomes his lower nature and wins the experience of the higher virtue. Such as when he overcomes hatred for someone through forgiveness, he has won the virtue of the forgiving nature which was the hidden lesson/prize in that battle.)

What might be the point you wonder, of these battles.

(Often enough the seeker questions why these trials and tribulations must be undergone in the search for the Lord. Why the path is so trying and difficult. He wonders why the battles never cease and why the pain appears to be endless. “When will it end?” is the common refrain of so many young seekers who have recently taken to the path.)

They are meant to uplift your soul, embittered as it does become with the restlessness in the whole. And thus proceeds to cast aside the garments of yore.

(Jesus says that the trials help the seeker purify his soul and refine his vibrations. The pain experienced brings attention to the restlessness that has destroyed the peace of the wholesome soul. This compels him to embark on the journey of self discover and truth, in the process of which he is able to overcome the consequences of his earthly actions – karmas -that he has accumulated across many lifetimes that he has now forgotten.)

Without these battles you would be lost forever, immersed as it were in the monotony of your endeavors.

Never stopping to ponder, if these were the reasons for coming, time upon time through renewed vestures upon your earthly adventures.

(If you did not suffer these trials you would never stop to think about the true reasons for incarnating time and again on this planet, because you would become so immersed in worldly pleasures. The real reasons for incarnating are fourfold. The first involves settling old dues i.e. balancing the accounts of past actions which involve rectifying karmic records. The second is soul mastery which is to learn new soul lessons so that it becomes more in the image of God. This involves purification of the soul so that it can move closer to the Lord. The third is to contribute to the upliftment of the collective human consciousness. And the fourth is to partake of the pleasures of the dream world).

Wait now and ponder; would you chose to surrender if your army were not faced with intrepid and intimidating winds of impending change (defeat)?

(If the ego was always satisfied and did not feel threatened by forces equally powerful would it ever give you even a single chance to proceed on the journey of awakening? This is the reason that the seeker needs to build his practice of meditation and spiritual will so that it can become strong enough to pose a threat to the Ego and the sense desires).

Would you not hasten your speed and throw caution to the winds if your merry making was unencumbered?

Would you not lose yourself in the illusion of what you consider to be life – a living hell – of your fantasy mind?

Why then do you grieve these battles? See them instead as signs of your awakening.

See them as a call; a beckoning.

See them as a gift of remarkable value – for when the dross is lost only then can your soul sparkle, only then can truth emerge.

Only then can you recognize your worth.

(That you are made in the image of the Lord).

So welcome with joy these difficult encounters.

Face them with fortitude and surrender.

Fight them with the might of a glorious soldier who asks not why, when or where, but acts pretentiously without fear or dread and slays the enemy unsaid.

(Even though the soldier at the battlefront hears his heart thump and fears death, he pretends to be brave and withstands the enemy and defeats him. Jesus asks us to be like that soldier. Even though we may be fearful of facing our inner demons he asks us to try and brave the situation. The unsaid enemy is not someone outside of us, but the ego within and this battle is fought in our interior. No doubt that fighting our own nature is extremely hard, but given the pretentious attitude of the soldier, we can win this battle).

Knowing that once the battle is won, flowers will blossom and streams will run across the planes of your breath, and unspoken joys will manifest where there was once unrest.

(Spirit manifests as the breath in us giving us life. When the ego is slain we can experience all the wonders and joys of the Spirit, of the oneness with the Lord or Source within our individualized soul).

So grieve not these encounters, lift your arrows and target your guns

Slay the enemy without remorse; it must be done gently without force.

(A seeker must prepare sufficiently by developing his fortitude, will, courage and surrender before he undertakes this battle with the ego. It cannot and must not be forced prematurely).

For nature treads only upon readiness, unprepared the arrow strikes not upon target, but scatters attempts and destroys rhetoric.

(The seekers inner strength of practice must be sufficiently strong for it to bear upon the ego and experience victory. If the spiritual strength is missing, like an unripe fruit that lacks sweetness and richness of taste, the seeker may speak a lot about his knowledge but will be unable to practice it. His efforts will remain scattered and he will not reap the fruit of his spiritual efforts).

So let the seasons bear fruit upon your soul, let it wander where few men go.

(Allow time to ripen your spiritual efforts and when the harvest is ready you can reap the joys of  being in the oneness with God/Spirit. But first you must be ready to undertake this journey which few truly embark upon).


Prophecy channeled through Suzy


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