Why Some Hurts Never Seem To Heal?

Jesus says

In the recesses of your mind is a treasure trove of worldly information relegated to the casket of sub human memory(subconscious mind).

It recedes and surfaces periodically waiting for fruition so it can consume itself and die. (Reference is being made to the storehouse of accumulated karma’s that manifest periodically in order to exhaust themselves).

By its very nature it is compelled to surface, thrust from its very core, so it can exhaust the energy stored within itself and reach sublimation (change of energy from one form to a higher form).

You have often wondered why some hurts never heal, why no matter how many times you try and address them they still resurface with renewed intensity.

It is because of this. At any time only a part of the whole shows above the surface of your mind for if the whole were to make its appearance, its dragon form (reference is being made to the nature of pain) would slay your courage to deal with it.

And so bit by bit as you transmute the part that has arisen, you are slowly able to conquer it.

But the dragon form is vast and so repetition is part of the ordained method of its destruction.

Do not be pained by the recurrent appearance of pain.

For then you increase the burden and extend the trial (the test).

When it shows up give yourself unto it, feel it, let it consume you for as it does, it consumes itself in the process.

Then, tired though you may feel, rest and restore your vitality.

Know that it is another battle won and in time this and other dragons too shall be done (slayed).

Upon the course of human remedies there exists one called symphony (music) which heals rapidly.

It summons the dragons, mesmerizing through sound and conquers with similar intensity.

So if you must allow speed upon your human maladies, know that your love of symphony can calm the tempests and cut through all the negativity.


Prophecy channeled through Suzy



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