Why Some People Don’t Heal

The first step towards healing begins with

an individuals pain pleasure equation. If being sick is more pleasurable than getting well, the individual will resist all healing aids and will defy healing even if taken to an accomplished healer. They may overtly claim they want to heal but this may simply be to maintain harmony and peace in the family thereby making a pretense to all around that they are seeking assistance. However deep in their hearts they do not wish to heal.

I have had clients who have said that their ill health

is the only thing that gives them power and if that too is taken away then they will have nothing left. Also patients suffering from terminal illnesses reflect this sentiment of not wanting to heal often because they are tired of their lives and wish to give up. If you connect with the higher self of such people or energy test them through applied kinesiology for the question, I want to heal, you will invariably discover the truth and know that they do not.

This intentional rejection of healing  may

or may not be triggered by karma but it definitely invokes free will. Here the person may be aware of his suffering but he chooses to suffer rather than seek help because the payoff of being sick is much higher than being well.

Alternately he may be carrying a belief

that he needs to be punished either because of some experiences in his childhood or from his past lives. Not only will he enjoy his suffering but may also commit to self destructive behavior such as consuming substances that he may be allergic to or forbidden. This is fairly evident in some alcoholics and drug addicts. Or they may indulge in emotional self sabotaging acts that cause their sickness to deteriorate further such as in diabetics and cancer patients.

In all these cases, if the individual surrenders

to a higher force or God and invokes guidance and direction, the process of receiving clarity may be accelerated through divine intervention and the individual is awakened to his reality, understanding which, he may choose to seek healing.

If a person is unconscious and unable to seek assistance

cognitively, his karmic balance or soulful awareness may attract a healer as in cases where the families of comatose patients call upon alternative healers after doctors give up and throw the field open to other forms of healing modalities.

When a person fails to heal it is not a sign

that the disease is untreatable but points rather to the patients pain pleasure equation, deep rooted and unconscious belief systems, freewill, lack of a desire for evolution, lack of soulful awareness or negative karmic inclination.



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