Understanding Physical Pain

Pain is the body’s way of telling you

that what you are doing, feeling or thinking is causing you hurt and must be urgently changed. Unfortunately we block that voice by consuming painkillers not knowing that the next time our body will have to raise a louder alarm to get our attention.

When pain beckons don’t shut it away,

stop and take heed. Talk to your body, let it complain and tell you about its misgivings. Let it point in the direction of your offense. Know that pain holds the secret to your redemption from future suffering.

Pain can be released either through transmutation or sublimation.

So if you have a headache focus on the pain and observe it. Gently ask it what you have done to create it and wait for an answer. Give that pain a shape, a weight, a dimension and a color. Then imagine that you are gathering it together into a ball and breathe it of your mouth in a loud roar and imagine it being transformed into White Light as it leaves your mouth.

If the pain persists repeat the exercise once again.

In this method you  transmute the pain at the point when you expel it so that you do not burden the astral world with the pollutants of negativity. You can also expel this ball through the soles of your feet as you keep them planted on the floor and imagine the ball of pain turning into White Light at the point of contact between your feet and the earth as it leaves.

Alternately you can sublimate the pain by swimming.

Imagine the pain cutting through the water with each stroke and disintegrating into pure energy of fluidity. Or dispel it by playing squash or tennis and transform the energy of pain into the powerful stroke of the racket. Or simply beat upon your pillow or mattress until the pain has left your body.

However to make sure that you don’t cause the pain again

you must talk to your body. For the body doesn’t lie and will reveal your deeper secrets, but you need to have the willingness to listen and the courage to accept what it has to say.



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